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Sound - What is it?


Everything has a frequency, a rate at which it vibrates. We too are vibrational beings and as our cells experience dialogue with specific sounds, tones or frequencies an interconnectedness with our true resonance and the world around us can unfold.

This higher state of consciousness and interconnectedness helps us to see the truth of how things are, the nature of reality, gives us body based wisdom and shapes how we then perceive the world.

This Amethyst Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl has detoxing properties

This Amethyst Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl has detoxing properties

How can sound benefit us?

We live in a world with many separating factors, beliefs and ego states. Sound has the ability to help us reconnect. Sound slows our brainwaves down, allowing us to surrender into an incredibly relaxed state very quickly. It can help us see the mind from behind and hold back binary thinking to allow a more creative, peaceful existence to unfold.

People's experiences of sound are different and there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ response. As well as promoting mental relaxation, increasing resistance to stress, and boosting energy levels, a sound bath can balance brain activity and sharpen mental clarity.

It is a tranquil, non-invasive way to re-balance your whole being.

How can I describe it further?

To some extent I can’t. We are highly conceptual beings and our minds are desperate to form some perception of things. We are probably only fooling ourselves into thinking we can do this. Some things come only from direct experience. It’s like tasting apple juice. If you hadn’t tasted apple juice before I would have no way of describing your direct experience.

With that in mind for those who are sound-curious I have made all of my private appointments in February at The Chamomile Clinic half the price shown on my website as a way to introduce you to your own direct experience. I would love to share sound with you in this nurturing space.

If you just want to kick back and enjoy some group vibes I have a regular Sound Bath Meditations spot on Thursday evenings at Union.

Go kindly

Go gently

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