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Somatic Healing

If you are here I suspect that you have come to me when things in life are difficult, not going as expected or you are feeling stuck. 


I get it. Really I do. These difficulties come with emotional and maybe physical pain, mental turmoil and anguish. 


I’m not going to give you new strategies to avoid or numb this. Nor will we become so immersed in it that your whole life revolves around healing - I focus a lot on helping you cultivate your natural resources and empowering you to be in relationship with your own healing. Not enslaved by it.

Nor am I here to teach you nervous system healing so you can have more control. I am here to support you to feel secure enough so you can rest back into the great mystery that your soul came to experience.

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Not everything can be healed but we can bring our experience and all parts of ourselves closer to our heart.

This statement might sound bold or discouraging but what I mean by this is that there is great wisdom in coming to the understanding that we are not a problem to fix. Society or our past trauma may have us believe that we need fixing but this is not the case – very often we just need to learn to love ourselves back to life.

I will support and encourage you to move toward the very things you have spent so much time and energy avoiding, skirting around, or ignoring. The space I hold is not just safe - it is also brave.

From a place of curiosity we can gently touch in on that which is most most painful. The energy that has been bound-up in defending yourself from these demons will be liberated as your life-force, your mojo, your creativity.

Practically I work using a blend of many somatic practices, all backed by a lot of neuroscience. Along with trainings in Focalizing, Somatic Experiencing, movement, embodied coaching, healing from shame, sound, voice and shadow constellations. But my biggest inspirations are the folk I work with.

Your body and your somatic system is the library to your own true wisdom. And helping you swim these in these waters is more than you could ever learn in a book or training programme. And this is how I get to learn alongside you whilst at the same time being a lighthouse for your healing. With gentle guidance and fierce compassion it is my greatest privilege to guide people back home.

Bessel Van Der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps The Score, says that ‘working with trauma is an experiment’. I would say it is more of a creative and collaborative process.


So in this sense every session is a step into a creative studio. You discover more about your own system, get to gently inquire what your soma ( soma being your living body including mind, body and spirit) is holding by befriending your nervous system, emotions and subtle body. 

It takes time for you to get to know your system, build a therapeutic alliance and work in these sometimes subtle realms. I also go by the wisdom that ‘the slow way is the fast way’ with healing from trauma. 


This doesn’t mean years in therapy but it does mean that we do not want to overwhelm the system with a lot of cathartic ‘healing’ methods. These ways of working often hold a same level of charge in the system as a trauma itself. Thus this can overwhelm. Overwhelm is the enemy.


One specialism I have is working with people where embodiment or how to listen to the body can seem shrouded in mist or a difficult and painful process.

I understand this deeply, really I do. Embodiment is our deepest desire but often greatest fear. Everyone I work with is held with the deepest level of holding possible. We go at your pace and your pace alone. I have no expectations of what your embodied way of living is or should be. This is not your average somatic healing - this is dynamic work that supports you to peel back layers to your true nature.

People often ask me how long this work 'should take'. I answer that in many ways. And the first thing to say with this is that this isn't about fixing, but it is about helping you metabolise trauma that hasn't had chance to metabolise and help us deepen into life. So in that sense the work could be ongoing.

And what I also know is that a minimum of 6 sessions is how I work to give us chance to form a therapeutic alliance, to allow your nervous system to come into some level of coherence and for you to take away from the sessions enough bits of physcoeducation for the work to be sustainable. More than 6 sessions is advisable for dealing with more complex and childhood trauma.


My private practice is currently full and the waitlist is approximately 2-3 months long. Please click the link below to join the waitlist.

£600 for 6 sessions. Thereafter sessions can be bought individually at £110 per session or more block purchases can be made.

£1080 for 12 sessions. Thereafter sessions can be bought individually for £95 per session or more block purchases can be made.

I also love working with folk who are at a more developed and nuanced stage in their journey. Who maybe understand a lot and are really well versed in the concepts of embodied healing but want to get more intimate with their own actual direct experience of life. Many folk I work with are practitioners and therapists. If this is you then you may also want to check out my training and mentoring options.

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