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From intimate podcasts & large conferences to creative collaborations & corporate training…

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I am becoming more and more aware of the positive impact of conversations about healing, how we live and how we can support positive change in our external landscape by changing that of our internal landscape.


It is through these nuanced conversations that we can touch each other deeply, provide solace for our tender hearts and find a sense of agency through our inherent, collective desire to thrive. These conversations really do light me up and I would be more than happy to discuss any opportunities to speak on panels, conferences and podcasts.


I have been fortunate enough to speak at conferences including The Embodiment Conference alongside the likes of Gabor Mate, Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, Tara Brach, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Bayo Akomolafe. 


In addition I have contributed to the Power of Women, How Do We Heal Global Trauma panel.

I've been commissioned to work with Deal Arts Festival and regularly collaborate with local artists and creatives in my home town Margate on projects bringing together sound, somatic work and creativity.


If you would like to get a flavour of what I am currently talking about you can find me on Instagram and Medium.

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Here Jo talks to George Kao, Authentic Marketing Expert.


Jo is passionate about taking healing from out of the shadows and into the light in a way that is not just trauma-informed but authentic and compassionate. Her and George discuss her approach to healing and a range of other topics.

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United Freedom Collective Podcast

In episode 3 of the United Freedom Collective Podcast we speak with somatic therapist and sound healer Joanna Miller. Jo works with big-hearted over thinkers to reclaim intimacy, creativity & embodied freedom via trauma, shadow, shame work, embodied healing, somatic therapy, somatic movement, sound, and voice work. She also trains other somatic therapists. Jo approaches her work with deep understanding, passion and commitment, something which became even more apparent as we settled in to our conversation. For anyone interested in sound healing, somatic therapy, the relationship between frequencies and well-being, this podcast is for you.

Send A Sound Radio Show - Margate Radio

Send a Sound Project was a creative collaboration with  Arts Education Exchange. 

Arts Education Exchange is a charity based in Margate that provides creative education, training, and employment for young people. The Send a Sound project was a collaboration between the students, tutors and local artists in lockdown which later produced an album. Here you can hear Jo and other local artists talk about their experience and creative process in a dedicated show on Margate Radio.

Buddy's Buddies Podcast

Jo breaks down everything from sound bath origins, her history with sound, vibrations and the actual physical effects of sound and how we can incorporate it in a mindful sense, using our bodies to navigate trauma, animals and how they handle trauma, and - ahh, just too much to mention here.You’ll get a real charge off this one, no doubt about it. So much goodness from an awesome sound-loving and living individual. Get to know Jo Miller and acquaint yourselves with what she does!

Moon to Moon Podcast 

Have a listen to a conversation about redefining the Boss Babe / Girl Boss archetype. We speak about peeling back to a more embodied connection to authentic power. We do go into the terrain of Girl Boss but we also discuss a lot about embodied presence, Britten asked me to share a little of my personal history and she shared a bit about my chart (I am so going back for more of her work), and there was a lot of love.

It's All Me: Creating Islands of Safety Within Yourself & Your Children

Life is one big initiation. Join Gervase and her Focalizing teacher, Jo Miller, as they discuss  what it would look like to have ‘enough’ in the face of trauma,  the ways in which we’ve been lied to as women, and how we can resource somatics and focalizing to create a fuller, more robust sense of self in ourselves and our children.


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Want to arrange a chat? Leave your info and I’ll get back to you.

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