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Hello big-hearted you serving others for the benefit of the world.


I see you.


You are probably working hard in the world supporting others. Or perhaps you are just starting your journey to help support others or heal the world.


Perhaps some of this feels exhausting right now.


It is likely you are starting to see things mirrored or certain situations may feel sticky - your own healer shadow arises.


You have so much to give, but who is holding you?


I know this part of the journey well and there is one thing that supports you and your business.


And there is one universal thing that can be game-changing for you right now and that is support for you. Your own journey, nervous system regulation, and support from a mentor.


This allows you to lean into your zone of genius and feel supported.


I am here to help.



3 Month One-to-One Mentorship for Therapists / Healers / Coaches



What I offer


A focus on YOU. This is deeply personal work with space to heal as well as having a space to be heard for any challenges you are facing in your practice. This can be any area you feel stuck in your business.


This is about you and your body's innate wisdom for the healing you need to be doing for a successful business as well as practical mentoring ears and advice.

Your investment and what is included


+ Fortnightly 90 minute virtual sessions including;

+ Your own Somatic Healing, Embodied Inquiry and space for questions about your practice and business

+ Work on your own shadow as a healer/helper

+ Personalised action plans and assignments after each session

+ Personalised  meditations, exercises, and embodiment tools for yourself and to integrate into your practice

+ Access to me outside of sessions

+ NOTE: For those part of our Foclizing Practitioner Community the cost of the monthly membership is deducted should you wish to also participate in that).


3 months

£1200 if paid in full


£420 x 3 monthly payments

6  months

£2400 if paid in full


£420 x 6 monthly payments

12 months

£4400 if paid in full


£420 x 12 monthly payments

Ready? Book a consultation and let’s chat.

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