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Embodied Authentic Power


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To my fellow life coaches, visionary business leaders, healers, & creatives: 


This world is clearly showing that we need to develop our own inner knowing so that we can navigate the complexity of the world from a place of integrity

Authentic Power is a deep initiation, over 9 months, into your divine power and the very depths of you. It is for women who are hungry to stand tall in the world from a place of integrity and compassion. 

Get ready to get ready for deep healing in a dynamic environment that will allow your brilliance to shine. You are not a problem to be fixed - you are what you have been waiting for.

This is a programme like no other.

Embodied Authentic Power will support you to go from learning about self development to actually experiencing your growth and development.

Embodied Authentic Power takes you from learning about self-development to living and thriving in your personal growth journey.


Embodied Authentic Power guides you on a transformative journey, moving beyond just learning about self-development to profoundly experiencing and embodying your personal growth and evolution.

Why you might have done all the self development in the world and still feel like a fraud at times…

Let’s get straight to it. If I was a betting woman I would bet that most people around you would see you as successful, boundaried and together because you have probably achieved but at what cost?

On the inside might be a different matter. You most likely feel lonely, frustrated, fear being misunderstood or rejected and experience burn out a lifetime of feeling out of touch with your own true soul desires.

And you are not alone.

All the women I work with are incredible. But they don’t feel it.

And I love that you have read all the books and done all the courses. It speaks volumes of your courage. But until you take it to the depths of your body and soul it is likely you will still read the books and feeling empty,


At some point you need to go deeper.

And I do not mean meditating for hours on a cushion. I bet if I asked you to do that you wouldn’t have time.


Or going to yet another yoga workshop. It might be nice to get really good at a crow but it ain’t gonna stop you taking on everyone else's opinions or worries.

What I mean is deeply exploring and befriending your nervous system. I ain’t here to teach you about the nervous system so you can have even more control in your life. I am here to guide you to feel secure enough to step back into the mystery that your soul came to explore.

And that will mean meeting all the parts of you including anger and shame. As icky as they sound to work with they are the key to be able to step into a room and hear a whisper from inside that says:

'You belong, you are powerful, and you are enough.' 

This is where we get to stand in our authentic, vulnerable power.

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Navigating Complexity with Integrity

In a complex world where it's important to trust your inner wisdom, our journey acts as a guide. Some people are afraid to admit their beliefs, choosing to feel personally upset rather than face possible rejection. But together, we build strength and accept that being true to ourselves (integrity) is the key to navigating life's challenges.

Our Embodied Path

In our haven of self discovery, we'll explore the organic intelligence within your body and soul. Together we will unravel feelings of shame, fear, and create a felt sense of genuine connection. This experience is more than just talking about being authentic; it's about truly feeling and living it in every moment of our lives

If there was a song to sum up this journey it would be this:

What awaits you:

  • Personalised healing strategies that honor the wisdom of your body  so you can call in love with your own sure and steady growth

  • No bullshit, kind mentorship for your body and soul, enabling you to fall deeper into your ground of being

  • A nurturing community where embodied truths are celebrated, supporting you to become a wise medicine woman amongst a council of wise medicine folk

  • A space to dismantle the comparison loop from the inside out, connecting you to your raw power

  • Reclamation of your authentic voice, anchored in the very core of your being, guiding you back home

  • All of this will be held in a non pathologised way. You are not a project to ‘fix’.

  • There will also be some space for ritual and alchemic change supported by the world around us. Seen and unseen.

What you will receive:

  • 8 Teaching Modules 

  • 8 Live Embodiment Sessions

  • 8 Live ‘Wise Women Medicine Circles’

  • 2 Personal sessions with Jo

  • Mind blowingly insightful worksheets and exercises

  • Stacks of life changing somatic practices so simple your 3 year old could do them

  • Access to myself and the group in our closed community

  • The support of other likehearted women

  • A trauma informed spacious way of working.

  • Optional extra reading, podcasts and especially curated Spotify playlists.

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“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are.”


"I would say that if the knowledge that you want to work with Jo surfaces a few times in your mind then your body is telling you where to go to get what you need. Go unprepared. Go sad, go anxious, go feeling like you’re not sure if you can do it or worrying it won’t work."

- Anonymous

The Pillars

Pillar 1: Laying the foundations

Step into Authentic Power just as you are. Learn how to shape your perspective by nurturing resources in your life and connecting with yourself. Gain powerful tools to create a sense of safety and calm in your body. This foundation will pave the way for clarity, creativity, and conscious decision-making. The transformations begin right away!

Pillar 2: The Inner Temple

This is where we will build on the foundations with more life changing nervous system insight and tools that will guide you into a place of meaningful, healthy boundaries. The reason you keep burning out and worry that your needs are too much for others is most likely down to your nervous system. And yah I know you have read all the books - let me tell you many of my clients are psychotherapists, switched on women like yourselves and all of them have done nervous system work. But it i s not what you do its the way that you do it - and I cannot wait to teach you this in the high expertise, compassionate way I do. It will make real changes to your inner temple.

Pillar 3: Deeper Tending

Right about here we are going to get to some tender places - where it all began. Being with the younger parts of you that first learnt to people please and cope by putting everyone else's needs first. These parts are running the show, unconsciously undermining your decisions because they feel ignored or shut down  when they  just want to be loved and heard. It is deeper tending and it will be fun and healing. This isn’t inner child work as you know it - it is about fully embodying your adult self...

Pillar 4: Breaking the Shame Loop

If you are going to feel truly empowered and at home in your own skin at some point you will need to shed a compassionate and embodied light on shame. Shame is a pervasive force that drives comparison (envy), worry, your inner critic and stops you shining your brilliance into the world. We can’t shame shame though - you might have already tried that. Shame can only be loved back into shape. This is where we will do that together - and the power of group work is never more tangible than working with shame.

Pillar 5: It Is Not All You

Our Eurocentric way of personal development will have us believe that everything starts and ends with us. This is problematic in that we try to ‘fix’ systemic issues at an individual level and we also, in turn, also cut off from the power of the collective and the power of nature and that around us. We will look at the roots and be rooted in this space. 

Pillar 6: Accessing Your Inner Lioness

Many women I work with are so out of touch with their righteous anger that they do not even know its language in the body. And when they find it I say ‘hallelujah  - what a day to be alive.’ And truly it is. When we come into contact with our inner lioness we don’t just come into contact with our anger as a force for change and transformation we also unlock more creativity, sexual desire and vitality. It’s time.

Pillar 7: Healing Your Voice

You want to speak up and be seen? Well now is the time. Healing your voice is a somatic coming home. A peeling back the layers.This isn’t about teaching you to say what people want to hear. It is never about becoming the loudest person in the room - it is about knowing your voice is valued and at it’s most powerful when raw and sometimes even shaky. Or as Brene Brown says “The courage to be vulnerable is not about winning or losing, it's about the courage to show up when you can't predict or control the outcome.”

Pillar 8: Rest is Power - Integration

We will take a break from teaching so you can have space for your own inner wisdom to percolate the teachings, celebrate where you have come from and where you are. This isn’t a five step plan - true initiations never are. And for this you need rest and integration - there is power in rest. We will have one integration call including some deep rest.

Pillar 9: Shared Power & Living Aligned

As we close you will learn what it is to live, breathe and embody this more and more in the ‘real world’. What it means to be in good relationship with yourself and others - in a way that is aligned to your own personal power that does not recreate the dominant forces that are at play in the world. Being aligned to your soul is never this - this is where we get to share power.

A few reminders from a friend who has been there...

If you have got this far I imagine you are curious but worried about time constraints.


First of all - follow that curiosity, together we will cultivate that to be your best friend.


Secondly - if not now then when? Really? And practically speaking this is less than two hours a week - nothing complex and you can opt to watch some recordings as self study. All calls are recorded.


You may even be worried you won’t fit in. You will be welcomed just as you are into this nurturing and empowering space. 


You might even be worried about investing in yourself. Let me tell you a story - I have moved heaven and earth to invest in myself over the last 15 years or so. Each and every year. And not one penny have I regretted. 

A Dynamic Way of Working


The work of a deeper initiation goes beyond insights. But insights can be a gateway into this. So the teaching sessions will be a mixture of every way I operate and include Nervous System, ontology and the maturation process. These will be spacious teachings with powerful take home assignments where you can digest the insights in a way that makes sense in your own life and ultimately spark the inner wisdom that already exists within you.


The bit that I really love is when we bring in the body as our compass, playground and guide. This is where the melting pot of inner wisdom comes from. Your body and direct experience will give you the grounding in your own being that is at the heart of finding authentic power. It’s magic. Each module will include guided practices from me to help unlock this wih take home practice for life to keep nurturing this.

Wise Women Medicine Circles

If I had to choose just three words to describe these sessions it would be: Dynamic | Healing | Powerful. Each module we will unpack what has been rising for you on the spot working with me and held by your council of fellow wise women. It is group work like no other. It is magic. You will leave forever changed by the experiences within these sessions.

Ongoing Support

I am building a community of folk here who can walk beside each other and support one another. There is nothing more beautiful that being held and being witnessed by others on the same path. It is important that there is a space for this and also a space where you can get support directly from me. We dive deep - but not alone.

Times and dates:


Most calls will be Wednesday evenings UK time. 

Exact time and dates are here.

"This course is invaluable—one of the most important investments I’ve made in myself. An intimate, safe container in which I could deepen my practice of embodiment and coming back home to my own experience. These are fundamental tools and practices I will return to again and again. They equip you for life. Jo’s gentle invitations will help you be in more authentic, generative, nourishing relationship with yourself and others. What a gift. Truly, it’s an experience I wish for every woman."

- Anonymous

About your guide...

I am Jo and I am an international Somatic Mentor, Therapist and Teacher. I am the descendant of many generations of straight talking, heart led, working-class folk in the north of England.

This work is my life. I am not a ‘learn it and launch it’ kinda gal. I am a woman of middle years wisdom and integrity that has come from years of my own trauma, somatic and soul work by some of the lands finest teachers. I also now get the privilege to have a busy private practice and I combine that with teaching other Therpists and Coaches formal strauma informed somatic qualifications through The Focalizing Institute where I am part of the Leadership team. 

In my spare time when I am not waling by the green / blue sea along the shores of the Kent where I live or taking photos with my goofy cat companions you’ll find me dancing, being in community and occasionally writing poetry.

Before finally landing in work that I fully love I travelled a corporate path in the food and drink industry that allowed me to ‘fit in’.
This was something that had been survival trait born of many traumatic experiences that disconnected me from my body, healthy self-esteem and the breath of life. In this part of my life I learnt much about resilience and many other hard lessons. I am grateful for the brave part of me that eventually took the very first step towards healing.

And I still take steps. My healing journey was originally borne of excruciating pain but now it is an opportunity to step closer to the divine ground of being. 

In my work I am a formal student of Dr Micheal Piccuci, Dr Peter Levine, Dr Abi Blakeslee and many others. Other folk who guide and influence my path are many Elders and woman who I have worked with.

The folk who most guide my work however are the hundreds of humans I have had the privilege of working with. It is in this state of emergence that I truly learn through direct experience.

I believe you can only take your clients as deep as you are willing to go. I receive regular Somatic Therapy and supervision myself as well as devoting my life to this path.

I love this work. Period.

You can read more about me here.

Jo Miller Collection-165.jpg
Jo Miller May 23 Collection-41.jpg

A few reminders from a friend...

If you have got this for I imagine you are curious but might be worried about a few things. First of all - follow that curiosity, together we will cultivate that to be your best friend. 

If you are worried about how you will fit this in to your life let me ask you this - of not now then when? Really? And practiclaly speaking this is less that two hours a week - nothing complex and you can opt to watch some recordings as self study. All calls are recorded.

Fearful of rejection? Authentic Power is not just a space; it's a warm embrace waiting for you. Join a sisterhood of like-minded individuals who understand your journey because they've walked similar paths. Here, you're not alone; you're supported every step of the way.

This is a space welcoming trans-women as well as non binary folk. Also side note: I am very neurospicy and most of my clients have been - this is NEVER pathologised.

Honor your skepticism born from past spiritual spaces; our program, unlike any other, is rooted in grounded, practical wisdom. I get it. Truly -  but his is a journey that aligns you with your values, offering a sanctuary where your spirituality is a genuine reflection of your authentic self. No dogma. No spritiual cliches or consumerism.

Feel the worth of this transformative journey – I am transparent about the investment so you can feel the power of devotion from me and from you. Ease into it with flexible plans, understanding that this commitment is a powerful leap toward your personal and professional flourishing.

This isn't a program cloaked in esoteric concepts; it's a down-to-earth, practical guide to navigating the complexities of life. No fluff, no confusing jargon—just real, tangible tools to help you reclaim your power.

What other people say...

This course is a beautiful landing place for any woman desiring to deepen into her somatic, body wisdom and more intimately understand what's happening in her relational field with others and self. It was a beautiful blend of masterful healing by Jo, tools and practices, connection with other women and a deeper learning of trauma, the nervous system and how it all relates to relationships and boundaries with others. I would especially recommend it to those interested in any type of somatic experiencing and those looking to better understand their animal bodies and all the information they hold. Jo is a wise, compassionate and skilled guide.


- Gervase Kolmos 

Jo offers these tools and practices so beautifully—from her core. Being in her presence each week was a gift to my system, as was coming together in connection as a group of women navigating our own (and our common) experiences. Together, we practiced coming home to our bodies and honoring ourselves in a gentle, loving way. I felt deeply held, supported, and safe in this intimate container. I didn’t know how much I needed that.


- Anonymous


I would wholeheartedly recommend Jo to anyone who has spent any time having talking therapy and not found that it has brought enough ease and peace. To me this work was the missing part in the whole of understanding and releasing myself from my difficult experiences. I was able to separate from narratives and allow the feelings to be felt in new ways. I have ignored my body for years and this was a kind and safe opportunity to meet it again and begin a new and gentle relationship with it. I feel happier, more peaceful and more confident in my boundaries. I became much more patient with my children, and I experience nature and life more beautifully.


- Anonymous

Jo Miller May 23 Collection-3.jpg


The price of the programme is: £3333.33

Payment Plans


There is an option to take a non-punitive payment plan of either 3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 months.


Will I get to keep the recordings?



I struggle concentrating. Will I struggle in the calls?


The teaching week is a little more cognitive but there will be plenty of space for breaks and questions. All other sessions are embodied and dynamic. But this is not school - you can take breaks, move and show up however you need to.



If the above is not affordable for you, please do reach out - depending on the take up I may have a small number of spaces for part scholarships.. These spaces will be prioritised for those who are unemployed, members of the BIPOC community and women who work supporting other women in a low paid sector.


Refunds and Cancellations


There is a no refund policy.


Will there be a VIP option for extra support?


There will not be an option for a VIP. I know this is commonplace in many programmes, but it does not align well for me. I will however make a little space for anyone wanting to book a one to one with me throughout the programme. These will be at the rate of £115 per session.


What extra support will there be?


There is a community  group away from Social Media where you can ask questions in-between. I will check this Tues - Friday unless I am on holiday.


What if I cannot make some of the live classes?

All calls will be recorded.

Will there be handouts?

Yes, the techniques and tools will be also given out in the form of handouts.

I am experiencing a high level of trauma responses right now, is this course for me?


Anyone who is currently meeting a high level of trauma responses right now would be best to book a consultation with me for one to one work.

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