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My big belief is that when we become safe in our bodies we are free to live as our fullest human experience as spiritual beings. And from this point we each contribute to the world around us.


I know this because I live this work. It started for me when I began working through my own trauma and grief at the age of 16 when I was diagnosed with Bulimia and lived a life with a nervous system on the edge of terror. 


For much of my twenties and thirties, I did all the therapy and tried all of the ‘spiritual practices’ whilst living a fast-paced life working as a Marketing Director in the food and drink industry. 


I partied pretty hard and worked pretty hard and I was tired. Eventually, something had to give. I needed to slow down and come back to the body for healing. My mid-thirties was the start of my true Embodied Awakening and for many years I have explored and trained in many different modalities.


It is customary in the wellness world to turn your back on who you were - I don’t. I love that girl as much as this woman. 

My work demonstrates this kind of self-compassion and the ripple effect it has on our relationships, our creativity, and the world around us.


Aside from the thousands of hours of training and mentorship I have under my belt it is my way of being that supports the work the most, and you will find me compassionate, down to earth, a fan of laughter in the healing process, and full of embodied middle-aged wisdom (something that I think is underrated in our society).


Outside of working (which feels nothing like the concept of work I used to know because I love every second of it) you’ll find me chatting to dogs on the beach of Margate, filling my phone with photos of my goofy cats, heading for the hills to dance and creating art for utter pleasure.

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