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Practitioner Training and Support



Are you ready to revolutionise the space you hold for others?


I don’t say revolutionise lightly - Somatic practices change lives.


It’s deep work that at the very core of it is simple - and that’s the true beauty of it.


If you are a deeply compassionate coach, therapist, or healer looking to add some of this beauty to your offer then you are in the right place.

My training and coaching style is compassionate and embodies curiosity.


Curiosity heals - concepts don’t.


There is no magic 12 point plan to the somatic process but there are frameworks that transform lives. These frameworks allow you as a facilitator to integrate them into your own current practice.


Somatic practices deal with trauma, conditioned thinking, and intimacy barriers.


Not only does this change lives - but it is my belief that it also heals the world.


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