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Online Certification Program That Begins Friday 30th September 2022.


Focalizing Practitioner Course


A practical 45-hour body-based modality for coaches, therapists, bodyworks and wellness practitioners to help others heal from trauma, connect to one's inner wisdom, and live with greater purpose.


This course might be for you if you if.. 


  • Have read a lot about trauma but yet sense you can go deeper with your clients

  • Hold a deep sense there is more work to be done to heal trauma

  • Have a deep desire to make a bigger difference to your clients

  • Are called to make a difference right now in a world that is hurting

  • Feel like there is something missing in your practice and believe you can get more result by incorporating a body based approach

  • Want to build practical skills that can build more confidence for when dealing with trauma 

  • Wish to learn about both the neuroscience and energy behind healing trauma

  • Are ready for growth as a leader, space holder and human!

I will be co-training this with Nick Werber the Programme Director for the Focalizing Institute and is in partnership with the Institute.

Focalizing is a somatic healing technology that enables participants to completely reinvent their lives by resolving the barriers that prevent them from experiencing their fullest potential of well-being and joy. These barriers can be in the form of conditioned thinking, traumatic experiences, stress, depression, sexual and intimacy barriers, and more. Once these blocks have been brought to resolution, Focalizing takes on the form of a creative tool that supports participants to access levels of awareness that allow them to act and make decisions that are deeply informed by their body and whole being.

Dr. Michael Picucci put this work together through his years of experience as a Psychotherapist, Sexologist, Master Addictions Coach, and Somatic Experiencing Facilitator. It also uses elements of Vipassana Meditation, Healing Imagery, Family Constellations, and his life experience in this field.


Certified Practitioners of Focalizing will be able to:

- Have the capacity to respond to activated or challenging experiences during a Focalizing session

- Apply Focalizing to help themselves and others develop new relationships to familiar emotions and belief systems that have been in the picture for many years or an entire lifetime

- Integrate this healing technology into existing personal or clinical practices and settings

- Facilitate a Focalizing session to navigate personal challenges or assist others through a variety of barriers

- Articulate the Focalizing process, the nature of trauma energy and the benefits of this process

- Use these tools to make sense of the many signals, emotions, and sensations the body surfaces on a moment by moment basis

Meet The Trainers

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 10.44.26.png

Nick Werber

Nick Werber is a writer, healer and integrative coach specializing in individual, family and inherited trauma, mindfulness, applied neuroscience and energy work. In addition to his private coaching practice based in New York City, he is the founder of the Family Constellations and Somatic Healing Institute ( and a board member of the Focalizing Institute (

Nick’s work has been a featured by the Embodiment Conference, My Wellbeing Therapy Network, Maha Rose Center for Healing, The Embody Podcast, Radio Free Brooklyn, and the City Wellness Collective Healer’s Network

Jo Miller Previews-3.jpg

Jo Miller

Jo is a Somatic and Sound Therapist, Embodiment Facilitator, Recording, and Visual Artist. Jo specialises in working one-to-one with creative souls to live in their own unique creative flow as life itself. Jo is based in Margate UK and works with clients and groups internationally.

Jo’s embodiment work and sound healing events have been featured by The Guardian, The Embodiment Conference, Margate Radio, Arts and Health for South East UK, and more.


Our Spring cohort is now full. 

Please add your details below to be the first to hear of the Autumn/Winter cohort 2023.

Do you intend to submit payment using a payment plan?:
Do you intend to attend on a scholarship available to black, indigenous and LGBTQIA+ applicants?:
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Kind words

“I absolutely love doing the Focalizing Course with Jo and Nick. There is, according to me, just a perfect balance between theory and opportunity of practical applications through demo sessions and buddy work.

Their explanations are really clear and they are always open for questions and I love their kind and embracing attitudes. 

Catherine, Researcher in Health Geography - Czech Republic

"Nick and Jo walk you slowly and gently through the concepts of Focalizing.   Their style  allows you to gradually integrate Focalizing into your life as you visit and revisit aspects of the practice. Each week's class feels contained and purposeful and they truly embody what they teach to create a supportive learning environment.   I'm grateful to have found their offering.

Irene, Emerging healer and guide, Brooklyn, NY

"The training has given me a beautiful system to effectively work one on one with students and has also allowed my personal practice to deepen.


Jo and Nick are wonderful teachers holding space with love and compassion and delivering the material each week at a pace that allows a natural unfolding of the practice while the homework and class discussions reinforce the integration of focalizing. 

Elizabeth, Mindfulness / Meditation Teacher, Long Island, NY

"The gentle, yet powerful process of Focalizing has been truly a life-changing experience for me.


I have tremendous gratitude for our trainers Nick Werber and Jo Miller. Their knowledge and compassion provided such a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Sue, Medical Intuitive, San Diego, CA

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