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Focalizing Practitioner Course


The Focalizing Practitioner Program is a 10-week online certification training journey into the power of Focalizing.


At it’s root, Focalizing is a unique method of developing a relationship with the body and befriending the innate intelligence that lives there. By working in partnership with the hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary wisdom contained in the body, practitioners and clients alike have the opportunity to not only face barriers from a wholly different perspective, but to uncover new solutions that may have once felt beyond reach.


Are you someone who…


  • Wants to build practical skills that will allow you to more confidently work with the effects of trauma?

  • Senses that incorporating body based approaches will allow you to be more effective in your practice?

  • Has read about trauma and has some awareness about somatic approaches but desires to go deeper?

  • Will appreciate both a neuroscientific and energetic perspective to the healing process?

  • Feels there is something missing from your practice?

  • Is striving to become a better leader, space holder, and model for healing? 

  • These are just a few reasons participants join this training…

A versatile approach for coaches, therapists and wellness practitioners

From it’s beginnings in the 1980s, Focalizing has been taught to a truly diverse group of practitioners with a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds.

Today, the Focalizing Institute’s practitioner community is made up of coaches, clinical therapists, addictions recovery counsellors, doulas and death doulas, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, intuitive practitioners, teachers, nurses, activists and many more.

Throughout the program you will receive mentoring and guidance on how you, and people like you, have integrated Focalizing into a new or existing practices. By the end of this 45-hour training, you’ll have a strong grasp of how to create a safe container to work gently with the the body to help others heal from trauma, connect to one’s inner wisdom, and live with greater purpose.

Hear directly from some of our past students:

Meet the Trainers

Senior Trainer: Jo Miller

Jo is a Somatic and Sound Therapist, Embodiment Facilitator, Recording, and Visual Artist. Jo specialises in working one-to-one with creative souls to live in their own unique creative flow as life itself. Jo is based in Margate UK and works with clients and groups internationally.

Jo’s embodiment work and sound healing events have been featured by The Guardian, The Embodiment Conference, Margate Radio, Arts and Health for South East UK, and more.


Training Assistant

Alex Bottomley

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 10.44.26.png

Guest Teacher

Nick Werber

Nick Werber is a writer, healer and integrative coach specializing in individual, family and inherited trauma, mindfulness, applied neuroscience and energy work. In addition to his private coaching practice based in New York City, he is the founder of the Family Constellations and Somatic Healing Institute ( and a board member of the Focalizing Institute (

Nick’s work has been a featured by the Embodiment Conference, My Wellbeing Therapy Network, Maha Rose Center for Healing, The Embody Podcast, Radio Free Brooklyn, and the City Wellness Collective Healer’s Network.


Guest Teacher

Jae Gibbs

Jae Gibbs is an Embodiment Practitioner, Women’s Circle Facilitator and Yoga Teacher: She became active in my own healing and empowerment journey in 2002, before starting to teach Yoga in 2015.

Her offerings are shaped by her lived experience and the practices she's trained in along the way; Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Non-dual Tantra, Focalizing and Sound Healing. As a mixed-heritage Black woman she centres the healing of ethnic race-based and patriarchal trauma, seeking to unravel how these impressions manifest in our bodies and minds, to access our true nature, joy and magic.

A Safe and Empowered Space For Learning

The nature of this program is that it invites participants to explore Focalizing as a resource for their personal journey along with being a professional skillset. For this reason, The Focalizing Institute and it’s trainers are dedicated to ensuring the learning environment is safe, inclusive, and empowering for participants of all personal and professional backgrounds.

A few ways the container is held:

  • Participation is always personal choice, and you are always empowered to exercise your ‘no.’

  • The program is delivered in a step by step manner that is slow and gentle for students

  • Trainers are available for contact and can refer students for additional support if need be

  • Homework practice sessions are not recorded

  • Focalizing is taught with inclusivity in mind, acknowledging that holistic healing and the wellness industry at large has a long history of excluding people of color and those of indigenous descent. Program trainers are committed to inclusion and having necessary conversations should activation appear during this program.

  • The program trainers have worked with hundreds of people worldwide and embody the work they teach

One common piece of feedback we receive is how comfortable students feel in the learning environment, especially those that were initially hesitant about group participation at first.

Spring 2024 Cohort

4th March - 10th June 2024

Mondays at 12.30-3pm UK time

Integration weeks / Bank Holidays where no class:

1st April, 6th May, 27th May


Standard Tuition


Part scholarships are still available please see welcome pack for details.

Jo Miller Previews-6.jpg

Kind words

“I absolutely love doing the Focalizing Course with Jo and Nick. There is, according to me, just a perfect balance between theory and opportunity of practical applications through demo sessions and buddy work.

Their explanations are really clear and they are always open for questions and I love their kind and embracing attitudes. 

Catherine, Researcher in Health Geography - Czech Republic

"Nick and Jo walk you slowly and gently through the concepts of Focalizing.   Their style  allows you to gradually integrate Focalizing into your life as you visit and revisit aspects of the practice. Each week's class feels contained and purposeful and they truly embody what they teach to create a supportive learning environment.   I'm grateful to have found their offering.

Irene, Emerging healer and guide, Brooklyn, NY

"The training has given me a beautiful system to effectively work one on one with students and has also allowed my personal practice to deepen.


Jo and Nick are wonderful teachers holding space with love and compassion and delivering the material each week at a pace that allows a natural unfolding of the practice while the homework and class discussions reinforce the integration of focalizing. 

Elizabeth, Mindfulness / Meditation Teacher, Long Island, NY

"The gentle, yet powerful process of Focalizing has been truly a life-changing experience for me.


I have tremendous gratitude for our trainers Nick Werber and Jo Miller. Their knowledge and compassion provided such a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Sue, Medical Intuitive, San Diego, CA

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