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Cultivating Compassion

Cultivate Compassion

February is one of the best times to develop compassion towards oneself. Failed New Year’s Resolutions mind talk anyone?

Most of us have inner critics that love to feed on the barrage of things media tells us we should be doing this time of year (insert here; finding love, losing weight, removing wrinkles, getting a better job, self actualising or all of the above).

Once we learn to practice a little more self compassion we are much better placed to cultivate compassion towards others. It’s this interconnectedness to others through the lens of a nurtured self that can truly shift your vibrational frequency upwards.

A few suggestions to help you along the way:

  • Rest – without fail overcommitting or not listening to your body and resting is a sure fire way to fire up an inner critic.

  • Spend time in nature – connecting to nature helps put into perspective silly advertisements about ‘what we should be doing’.

  • Write a journal – it’s an oldie but a goodie. Remembering the day and your achievements is a real way to honour yourself.

  • Cut yourself some slack – what do you not need to be doing right now? Detox the diary and create yourself some space to breathe.

  • Add a little OM chant to your daily ritual where you can. The OM chant has been associated with reducing activity in certain areas of the brain associated with depression. A little happy pill, without the pill!

Om Shanti Shanti

Go kindly

Go gently

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