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A world where we all feel safe and vibrant in our bodies, free from our past trauma is when we get to live our fullest experience. 


This is embodied awakening.


And this is what will change the world for the better.


I believe in this. 


And I want you to feel the power of this.


If you do too then I believe you may be in the right place.

about me
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I help big-hearted, over thinkers to gain intimacy, creativity & embodied freedom via trauma, shadow, shame work,  embodied healing, somatic therapy, somatic movement, sound and voice work. 


I train other Somatic Therapists in this too.


The potential of this work for you and our world around us gives me goosebumps.

I work internationally via zoom as well as in person by request.

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1:1 Somatic Healing

This is not your average somatic healing - this is dynamic work that supports you to peel back layers to your true nature

Somatic Therapy Training

The Focalizing Practitioner Program is a 10-week online certification training journey into the power of Focalizing

Embodied Authentic Power

A 9 month programme for those who want to stand tall & rooted in the world, with their compassionate voices heard & their embodied presence felt

Kind words

"The Focalizing Training with Jo and Nick has been a beautiful experience both on a personal and professional level. You are encouraged to integrate these rich, embodied tools and learning into your own personal practice, and I have learnt so much about myself as a result. I simply can’t wait to share this work with my clients too. The course feels really cohesive, paced perfectly, balanced well between theory and practice, and gives opportunity to connect with your peers. The teaching style is very warm, supportive and is bolstered by years of committed, exceptional experience from the two facilitators."


"I am so much happier and more positive than I have been for years, as a result of both releasing past trauma and feeling empowered to set better boundaries both at work and in my personal life. Saying no isn’t always easy and will be a constant journey, but I’m proud of where I am right now and long may it continue!"


My unique process...

resource first
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What is Embodied Healing?

Kind words

"The Focalizing course with Jo and Nick has been a revelation - I've found it to be incredibly healing and supportive personally... Professionally, I'm so excited to integrate the somatic modality with my coaching and yoga work as it has such transformational and potent possibilities to enable my clients to heal."


"I’ve have found the work we have done life-changing.  Jo’s ability to be totally present and to know what is happening in my energy field has enabled me to soften and let go of old patterns and trauma. I work in this field and have experienced many different healing modalities and I really can say that Jo is the real deal - totally committed to her client’s healing journey and completely without judgement.  Jo is an exceptional practitioner  and healer."


On the blog...

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