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Weekly SoundBath at Union 15th & 29th March

I am going to be away 15th and 29th March so my Sound Sister Naomy has agreed to cover the Weekly Sound Bath sessions at Union. Naomy has, in some ways, a different style and practice and is bringing a couple of different sessions to those weeks. I love Naomy's presence, I find it very calm and warm, so even though these are different to the usual sessions I think you will find them restorative, relaxing and insightful. See below for full details.

Booking is done in the normal way on the Union website and as usual please book in advance to secure your place.


Voicebath Sound Journey - 15th March

People usually find this a very enjoyable, relaxing experience and may enter into a very deep state similar to that of meditation or just before falling asleep and may experience feeling warm, seeing colours, having imagery, a distortion in time or personal insight as you enter an altered state of consciousness. At the end you will hear a series of grounding percussion instruments to gently bring you back from your relaxed state. A sharing is invited afterwards if people wish to do so. Book here by selecting the 15th March session.

Drum Journey - 29th March

The drum has been used for healing and altering consciousness since ancient times. Drum Journey, inherited from Shamanic wisdom and practice around the world, uses a repetitive beat to induce a trance state- a very deep relaxed state akin to meditation and dreaming. Modern science explains this as the sound entraining the brain to slower waves. Physical benefits include lowered blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones. Psychological benefits can include information, insights, creativity, awareness, psychic phenomena and shift in perspective. Visuals are common, hence the idea of an inner journey. It can also be helpful for pain control. You will be invited to lie down and get comfortable after setting an intention for your journey- healing, information, guidance, relaxation etc and I play for around 30-40 mins, then gently use graduated percussion (shakers etc) to help bring you back to a grounded waking state. Book here by selecting the 29th March session.

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