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​Within each of us, we have an innate barometer for what our limits and boundaries are. Our own body, nervous system and felt sense. We often overlook these for many reasons ranging from our influences growing up through to systemic issues and notions of how women ‘should’ behave.

What is Embodied Boundaries Sanctuary?

This is a 3 part mini series in preparation for the holiday season to give you.

  • Empowering Insight: I understand the resistance and confusion you may feel towards boundaries especially with the holiday season coming. That's why we'll dive into neuroscience behind boundaries to give you powerful understanding. 

  • Practical and Empowering Somatic Tools: Our time together is not just about theory; it's about actionable steps that create a real deepening into your own body wisdom. I'll guide you through proven techniques for creating ways to tap into your own sense of boundaries that aligns with your inner values and organic intelligence..

  • Community Support and Encouragement: You're not alone on this journey! Join our exclusive pop-up Facebook group, where you'll connect with a community of like-minded big hearted folk who share your aspirations. Ask questions, and receive support and encouragement direct for me twice a week for four weeks. Together, we'll celebrate your progress and overcome any obstacles that may come your way.

  • Fun and Supportive Approach: I believe in creating a positive and uplifting learning environment where all of your human-ness is welcome. This training will be delivered with fun, powerful, and supportive to keep you engaged and committed. Empowerment and anti-fixing are my two main core values!

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“There is a common misconception that boundaries are about keeping people out but they are actually about letting more of the life that aligns with you in.”

This is for you if:

You experience confusion around boundaries in work and life

You want some tools to support you over the holiday season

You often end the holiday season with burn out

You recognise yourself as a highly empathic woman

You want some insight into the people pleasing trait that is backed by neuroscience but delivered in a non shaming way

You want some super simple practical tools (a 3 year old could do these)!

You are always being the "kind spiritual person" (then notice resentment later)

It is time to breathe new life into the relationship you have with yourself. 

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If you don’t set boundaries, your body will set boundaries for you.

I get it, really, I do. It can be frightening to set boundaries with others. You might have even tried and then immediately felt shame. Or you may be shying away from what you want in life because it feels hard to ask for what you want.

Part 1 Live - Wednesday 15th November 6.30 pm UK time

Unpeeling the Layers - A teaching of the fundamentals of boundaries, where we learn them, how this impacts our lives and how to begin to peel back the layers of conditioning.

Part 3 Live - Wednesday 29th November 6.30pm UK time

Medicine Circle. This is where your get to answer questions, share with like hearted individuals, feel inspired and held. This is a dynamic space where magic happens - all from the intelligence of your own being.

Part 2 Live - Wednesday 22nd November 6.30pm UK time

The doorways within - Somatic practices and exploration to help you tap into the secret wisdom of your own body. Simple, powerful tools for life!

Part 4 - Ongoing Pop up Community Facebook Group between 15th November - 6th December

A space where you can share reflections on the teachings and assignments and twice weekly there will be prompts and Q and A with me.

All calls will be recorded and there will be some handouts in week 1 and 2.

Pay in full - £44.44

Split into 2 payments of £22.22



This is a mini offer packed with high value so scholarships and concessions are not something I intend to offer. However if you have no income presently please contact me.


Refunds and Cancellations


I do not offer refunds once the course has started. 


Is this therapy?


The tools are deeply supportive and therapeutic but due to the group nature and foundational level of this course this is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy.


What if I cannot make the live classes?


Your participation is encouraged live but classes are recorded and will be available for a minimum of 12 months.


Will there be handouts?


Yes, the techniques and tools will be also given out in the form of handouts.


Why only women?


My private practice is mainly made of women, and I know this material well enough to speak to this in a group setting. When I say women I refer to all women. This course is also open to non-binary folk.


Will there be extra support?

There will be extra support in the form of a community pop up facebook group where I will answer questions on the Monday and Thursdays between 15th November and 6th December. This group will be archived after that time. The group is not a place for therapy or a replacement for working with me one to one.


I am experiencing a high level of trauma responses right now, is this course for me?


Anyone who is currently meeting a high level of trauma responses right now would be best to book a consultation with me for one to one work. Note, there is a short waitlist currently but you can add your name to the waitlist here.

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“Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.”

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