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The Compassionate Boundaried Woman


A 6-week embodied experience for women designed to help you befriend yourself and deepen your experience of life by cultivating compassionate boundaries.

Starting 21st June 

You don't have to be the loudest person in the room to hold boundaries, and you don't have to lose compassion to hold boundaries.

In fact the key to compassion is boundaries.

Compassionate Boundaried Woman is for you if:


  • you experience confusion around boundaries in work and life

  • you have tried to assert boundaries and feel shame

  • you don't seem to be able to move forward in your own life

  • despite your best intentions for self-care you regularly get burnout 

  • you feel empty and constantly low on resource

  • you do not consider your own resources before you say yes to things

  • you are always being the "kind spiritual person" (then notice resentment later)

  • you have all the insight as to why you over give but nothing really changes

  • you lack energy and vitality

It is time to breathe new life into the relationship you have with yourself. 


It is time to liberate yourself of the compulsion to fix, distract, shame yourself or constantly people please.


If you are ready to offer yourself compassion and start to develop some embodied tools for self-compassion and boundaries, then I want you to read on.


If you don’t set boundaries, your body will set boundaries for you.

I get it, really, I do. It can be frightening to set boundaries with others. You might have even tried and then immediately felt shame. Or you may be shying away from what you want in life because it feels hard to ask for what you want.

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It is possible to change.

The Secret About Boundaries

Within each of us, we have an innate barometer for what our limits and boundaries are. Our own body, nervous system and felt sense. We often overlook these for many reasons ranging from our influences growing up through to systemic issues and notions of how a woman should behave.


But all the time we are ignoring our boundaries.


It can begin to eat us up and internalise - quite literally - some of the things that we think of as physical problems are our body’s ways of protecting us.

“Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.”


My strong intention for the course:

  • Cultivate a more compassionate relationship with yourself

  • Cultivate a resourced nervous system

  • Feel the power of your ‘no’ in your body

  • Free up energy to say ‘yes’ and receive more of what you want

  • Create better boundaried relationships

Online Course Format:

  • 6 weeks of teachings, 3 month container

  • 6 x 1hr and 45 min weekly classes via Zoom 

  • One private session with Jo.

  • Exploration with other like hearted women

  • Space for personal inquiries (within the weekly and to take home)

  • Practices you will want to use again and again (in the form of worksheets)

  • Powerful medicine circles (held within the weekly sessions)

What we will cover:

Week one: Opening Solstice Ceremony

Week two: Knowing our own boundaries

Week three: Boundaries and Nervous System

Week four: Embodying your ‘yes and your ‘no’

Week five: Combating shame and boundaries

Week six: Grounding, orienting and centering 

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“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.”


About your guide

My name is Jo and I am a Somatic Therapist, Teacher and Mentor with experience of working with hundreds of people in my busy private practice as well as experience of training other therapists and coaches.


Knowing our own boundaries


Boundaries didn’t come easy to me. In fact I don’t think it was even in my vocabulary until I reached my late twenties. By then I was already on the people pleasing rollercoaster of over giving and constant burn out. In doing so I was so dizzy from the rollercoaster that I lost self-esteem and self-compassion. I tried all the things, read all the books but nothing shifted until I started to till the soil of my inner terrain and know my own sense of being.


I since have trained in many well respected and life changing modalities that have saved my life, including Focalizing (a Somatic tool that I also now train other therapists in too), Somatic Experiencing, Healing from Shame, Embodiment Coaching and many more body-based tools which I bring with me as well as my vast experience of working with women.


You can read more about me here.

That you show up, participate, ask questions, make it work for you. I will not be doing this for you.

I will be using all of my in-depth experience and training but most of all I am committed to developing the conditions for your growth, your way.

What is your commitment?

What is my commitment?

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The price of the programme is £555



This is an exceptional rate for someone with my level of experience and training – if this feels in range for you then this will be the most cost effective way of working with me.

Payment Plans


There is an option to take a non-punitive payment plan of either 2, 3, 4 or 6 months.




If the above is not affordable for you, please do reach out - depending on the take up I may have a small number of spaces. These spaces will be prioritised for those who are unemployed, members of the BIPOC community and women who work supporting other women in a low paid sector.


Refunds and Cancellations


Transparency is a core value of mine and whilst this course is new, I have put a lot of effort into an accurate representation of the course experience as possible. I am also happy to answer your questions in advance. Because of this I do not offer refunds once the course has started. Thank you for understanding.


Why only women?


My private practice is mainly made of women, and I know this material well enough to speak to this in a group setting. This course is also open to non-binary folk.


Will there be a VIP option for extra support?


There will not be an option for a VIP. I know this is commonplace in many programmes, but it does not align well for me. I will however make a little space for anyone wanting to book a one to one with me throughout the programme. These will be at the rate of £115 per session.


What extra support will there be?


The whole thing will be run on a platform away from Social Media where you can ask questions in-between of other women and myself. 


What if I cannot make the live classes?


Your participation is encouraged live but classes are recorded and will be available for a minimum of 12 months.


Will there be handouts?


Yes, the techniques and tools will be also given out in the form of handouts.


I am experiencing a high level of trauma responses right now, is this course for me?


Anyone who is currently meeting a high level of trauma responses right now would be best to book a consultation with me for one to one work. Note, I am not taking on new clients until around April but you can add your name to the waitlist here.

If you are new to my community, currently experiencing a lot of acute trauma patterns or just want a check in before committing please book a free 20 min consultation here.

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