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Embodiment Practices

Audios, Worksheets and Videos to build resource and capacity.

Group sharing in a safe container with Somatic Inquiry and connection.

Live Group Somatic Sessions

Bonus One to Ones with me

A chance for you to unravel any of your own story or experiences one to one in a Somatic Therapy environment.

Being Seen: The Heroine's Journey Back Home

On the outside, your friends probably see you like a kick-ass confident woman who rocks the world with their business and compassion for others.


But being seen and heard can feel overwhelming at times. You maybe even feel like a fraud or deeply unfulfilled.


You recognise internal dialogue that sometimes stops you from really stepping into your power, it might sound like;  ‘too thin’, ‘too old’, ‘when I lose weight I will...’, ‘it is so easy for women to be confident’.


It may be that it’s not even consciously about body image for you - maybe you don’t like receiving compliments and notice you hiding away from them or you feel resentment for other women who you have convinced yourself found it easier than you.

Maybe you struggle to receive love and intimacy from others.

You probably think this is only your secret that you have these feelings.


Let me tell you that you, it is not - this is such a common core wound for women to carry.

Almost every narrative of what we are sold to believe is a 'valued' or 'beautiful' woman is a very narrow bandwidth that excludes us all.


And I get it. Really I do.



A woman's body as well as the yin attributes have been commoditised or devalued for so long that it’s a breeding ground for shame.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

You have so much to give, so much embodied wisdom and I want you to share that freely -

Your Way

Why this journey?

The world needs it right now. There is an uprising of the feminine and your voice is important in that. You have too much to give. Too much to share. There is no original story - only original storytellers and your perspective are important.


Healing the body image wound is a core wound for many women- And thankfully things like body positivity do raise awareness but we do need to move beyond the stuckness that even that can bring. 


It is less about how we view bodies.


It's about how we embody this precious thing called life - as our bodies.


And healing this can’t be something we simply read or think about. It’s an inside job.


The Journey


You will get the tools to feel safe in your body.

This is about integrating your life’s experience in your living body and living compassionately in and AS your body.

When we ‘out’ our shame around being seen it has nowhere to hide. 

From here you can stand in your sovereignty and be seen - Your Way

The structure?

This is where it gets interesting. Part of my own journey of being seen is being seen in my innate feminine or non linear gifts. We are living non linear bodies and to give you an exact 5 point plan isn't going to cut it.

It isn't.

We will move each week with the themes that arise. As they arise. There are things I know we will cover and will cover also in the 'at home' materials.

This is a living, breathing space in which we all participate. There is some structure and there are some themes that we will launch from each week and the this will be a co-created space in this way. Women hearing and seeing other women. This is truly dynamic stuff.

There are three layers to the container that will support you in various aspects:

You will be held in all the hallmarks of my work:

- Safety first (your body needs to remember it's innate capacity for healing)

- Embodied movement

- Tender Shadow Work

- Somatic and Spiritual Inquiry

- Non judgement

Got your interest but hearing a ‘maybe later’?


You are possibly the kind of caring woman who puts others' needs first. The world needs compassion but I want you to see the real magic of putting your own self-compassion first. And how really what the world needs is this and your voice.


There is always tomorrow, right? But you’ve probably said that before and this feeling, this itch of wanting to step out into the world continues. 


Case Studies


Sarah - Went from years of talking therapies and feeling stuck in negative self-mind chatter to self-compassion, being present in her relationships, and developing fierce boundaries.


B - Always struggled with an overthinking rational mind, impatience, and lack of self-compassion to trusting and loving the wisdom of her body.


This is for you if...  


You are likely in business in a creative or helping profession and feel stuck and sense this is down to not wanting to be seen and wish to create some freedom from this.


You have done ALL the talking therapy and coaching and have the odd spiritual crutch but sense you are still hiding something - you.

We are conditioned to hide away or always be waiting for a perfect version of ourselves to show up. Guess what - it is already here and if you are ready to see that. This course is for you.

How you got here is none of your doing. The world and media condition us so much into these patterns. But now is your time to be seen. To make the descent back home. To go in to go out. 

Your way.


The results from dealing with this loss of seeing oneself and body image trauma and shame are far-ranging. I often hear reported things like:


I feel more creative than I have in years

I feel sexy and alive in my body

I trust my body

I take pleasure in the simple things again

I don’t feel so obliged to help everyone all the time - I have better boundaries

I don’t put so much pressure on myself to ‘do all the things’

I hear myself talking to myself in a really kind way

I find myself wanting to nourish and take care of my body

I stop wanting to be perfect all the time

I have deeper connections with other women

My business has more flow

I feel more playful


You don’t have to do this BUT...


This is most likely an area you recognise has impacted your life for a long time. If not now, when?


To live fully in your body and to be seen is your birthright. 


Claim it.


 The world needs you and your voice right now.

Why this journey?


There are many courses about being visible or creating self-compassion. You have possibly even tried a few. 


None of them will get to the heart of the matter and meet you where you are at like this will.

And the number one reason why they don't meet you where you are really at? You are never fully looking to be seen by others. You are always feeling the longing of seeing yourself. From here you rise.

And when you rise dear woman. You give every other woman permission to rise too.


It weaves a magic blend of Somatic Inquiry (which is fancy talk for your own body’s wisdom), embodiment, shadow work, and community. All held in a deeply trauma-informed environment.


There is no 5 point plan. There is only your plan and you. As well as my experience in group facilitating and the power of community healing you will also receive bonuses of one-to-one support to guide your journey.


Kind words

Jo holds a profoundly safe space.

I didn’t expect such powerful connections to life force during our time together - each time filled me with absolute wonder and gratitude. I felt replenished and almost rewarded for my work.


You met me exactly where I was at.

Thank you for holding space for me Jo. I felt safe, heard, and held. You are a very special woman. 

 I trust the wisdom of my body more and seem to have the ability to have more compassion for myself and others.  


Through Jo's nurturing guidance there were insights every time we met. Mostly they were more subtle rather than 'aha' but sometimes the realisations were so obvious it was as if I'd been aware of them all along, without actually recognizing them.

I am training as a talking therapist and this is the deepest work I have ever done.



Why am I qualified to talk about this?


First of all that is a great question. One I recommend you ask of anyone you are embarking on working with and a question that is always alive with me - in a healthy and constructive way.


I am a Somatic Therapist and trainer of other therapists. I have seen hundreds of women in private practice and have a deep understanding of a woman's journey back home.


 And I have yet to work with a woman who doesn’t at some point meet and overcome body shame.


I am also a trained Yoga Teacher, Shadow Constellations Practitioner, Embodiment Coach, Voice and Sound Healer. 


I also do the work. The work is my life and as well as actively engaging in my own support and training I spend a large part of each year with an elder and embodied awakening journey who has profoundly deepened my understanding of this topic.


And importantly I have walked this path for a long time. I have come from a young woman who would hide her body, quite literally, and struggled to form bonds or meaningful relationships with other women. Now I love that young woman I look back at, just as much as I love this one.


I am deeply committed to this work for others.


What is included?


10 x 100 minute zoom connection calls so that we can unpack this journey together as a community

10 x practice assignments and recordings so that you can deepen your relationship with your body of wisdom



Investment of £777 early bird before 1st November  if paid in full



3 monthly payment plan of £259


£888 if paid in full after x date



3 monthly payment plan of £296



Bonuses included


2 x One to Ones with me so we can tailor support towards you

A pre-recorded Sound Healing Session

1 x 30 minute follow up one to one post-course to keep you on track



When are the live calls?

Wednesdays from 7.30pm UK time. Starting Wednesday 17th Nov- 26th Jan.

Note: Not live calls 22nd and 29th December - these are integration weeks.

What if I can’t make one of the calls?

Sessions will be recorded.


I have trouble speaking up in groups.

There is no pressure to share in groups but your voice matters, you know this and I guess this is why you are reading this?


I have trouble concentrating and being online for 90 minutes.

Very little of this is teaching. Most of it is embodied exploration. I promise you the time will fly.


What if I get emotional?

When was emotion deemed bad? All of you will be welcomed. However, you show up.


I am scared this may be deep work.

It is. But we work on resourcing you throughout so it isn’t overwhelming. This is transformation as well as subtle and gentle work.

I want more of a structure - should I still do this?

I can answer this two ways. See which feels right for you... One response that maybe true is that maybe your living in this patriarchal world has left you so conditioned to the Linear that this maybe EXACTLY the space you need. The other response is to say that if you can't move past that discomfort after a conversation with me - then no. This is not the space for you right now.

Are there scholarships?

This is a small group but in order to accommodate those who may not usually be able to access this programme I have one Pay What You Can Scholarship.

I am accepting applications for this only from: Those on a low income whose work in the world directly impacts women of colour or indigenous women. Or those in a creative field whose work impacts women.


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