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Work Together

Hello dear one 


I am glad you have found this space. 


This is where you discover the magic of Embodied Healing.


You are probably at a point in your healing journey where you seem to be stuck. You have maybe even said to yourself or friends words like ‘I thought I had dealt with this.’  Possibly noticing signs of repeated patterns that you don’t like and feel ashamed of. Possibly noticing signs of some ‘healing fatigue’ and wishing you could get over this conditioned thinking and old trauma and be more intimate with yourself, others, and life itself.


And sensing somewhere that the answer lies in your body.


This is the magic of Embodied Healing - it is already calling you. Trust that.


This work is for you if you:


+ You deeply wish to create self-compassion

+ You want to trust yourself as your own compass

+ Willing to feel a little uncomfortable to feel comfortable

+ Be comfortable with ‘the slow way is the fast way’ route of Somatic Healing

+ Be open to finding answers that don’t seem to be logical

+ Be open to the fact that you may not leave with answers or a 5 point plan, instead you leave with deeply embodied transformation and wisdom

+ Commit to at least 6 sessions or longer

+ Be open to humor as a tool for healing

+ You are not looking for a ‘healer’

+ You are looking for empowerment

We may not be a great fit if:

+ You want a ‘big bang’ cathartic experience

+ You are coming to do the work to prove you are right about your beliefs

+ You have elitist ideals 

+ You want to use the base of all your healing on crystals and moon charts. There is a place in my practice for the mystery - in fact there is a big place but I am ‘woo adjacent’ and the space I offer is for grounded spirituality.


Also if  you love animals  and strive for simplicity in life we are most certainly a great fit.

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