Somatic Healing

When you work with me one to one I weave a unique set of skills and expertise to support you as an individual to become the wisdom keeper of your own body and full being.


I am renowned for my natural ability to create compassionate spaces where everyone is seen, heard, valued and held. Words that often get reported back to me are:  “You really met me where I was”.


This work deeply invites us into all corners of ourselves and also works on a principle of 'The Slow Way is the Fast Way'. For this reason, I ask that you make a commitment to at least 6 sessions. 

Somatic Healing addresses Trauma, Conditioned Thinking and Intimacy Barriers.

You may know of the work that underpins Somatic Healing if you have ever read 'The Body Keeps The Score'. Somatic Therapy works the opposite way to talking therapy in that we work with the old brain stem and work 'bottom up' rather than top down.

Many people walk towards Somatic Healing if they don't want to relive traumatic events by talking about them or have tried traditional talk therapy and get a sense that something is still lingering and triggering in the body.

Your body holds the key to this and we work with your body's pace and your body's pace alone.

From the outside sessions may look a little like a guided mediation in parts. Each session is 50 minutes long and are held via zoom. If you are ready to dive deep over a 3 month period the Sovereignty Discovery package may be something you are drawn to.


It is a deeply profound Embodied healing process. 

Through this healing process, clients have experienced:

  • Connection to a deeper sense of purpose, rebuilding how the contribute and exist in the world

  • A deep and long lasting sense of their own internal compass and connection to the felt sense of their whole being

  • A sense of stepping into the world as their full authentic self

  • An increase in their vitality and energy

  • A new appreciation of their body and freedom from body shame

  • An increased sense of flow and a richer way of being with their creative self

  • Profound and long lasting insights into what it truly means to be grounded in spirituality

  • Freedom from old patterns and conditioned ways of thinking

  • And much more...

Sound Healing

Do you crave space? Do you have a clear intention of working through a period of feeling stuck? Are you holding on to tensions, old behaviours or emotional blockages that you want to move through? If you are clear about this intention then these sessions are for you.


These sessions are all about subtle work where you take a more active part, but let me be clear……there is very little to actually ‘do’. You will pay attention to the body and any tensions through deep listening and the sounds it makes. By staying in the moment and inviting in the somatic felt experience you’ll set the conditions for tensions and issues to shift and soften. In turn you’ll be listened to, witnessed and with gentle guidance you will see subtle but big results.  When we have reached an end to the period of noticing we will use a gentle sound bath to soothe and help integrate the session before you leave.


Sessions are 50 minutes and can be booked as one-off sessions in person in Margate or via Zoom in the privacy of your own home.

Spaces are limited but you can book your session here

Through this healing process, clients have experienced:

  • Deep rest and improved sleeping patterns

  • Clarity and insights on areas they feel stuck in

  • Creative inspiration

  • Emotional support in challenging times that has acted as a valuable resource

  • Improved vitality and energy they bring to life

  • And much more...

Shadow Constellations

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung


The Shadow is the realm of the unconscious into which we put what we repress and deny, what we disown and can’t acknowledge.

The Shadow is ‘born’ to the family we are born into and into the culture(s) we are brought up in.

Shadow Constellations combine the healing potential of both Family Constellations and Shadow Work, connecting Intergenerational Healing with Self-Parts Integration in novel ways.

Shadow work is for those willing to step into parts of themselves that have previously been abandoned. Due to my experience as a Somatic Healer and Embodiment coach these are deeply trauma informed and embodied sessions.

Sessions are up to 90 minutes and individual needs can be discussed at consultation.

Through this healing process, clients have experienced:

  • A greater sense of self compassion and acceptance 

  • Better connections with family members and colleagues 

  • Long lasting improvements in intimacy with others and the world around them

  • An ability to live life more boldly and freely

  • Less stuck in old patterns that have previously felt overwhelming

  • And much more...

What is right for you?

As part of the consultation process we will discuss your needs and I will meet you exactly where you are at.

These healing modalities are very powerful as stand alone ways of working but if you are drawn to working with all of these modalities it may be that the Sovereignty Discovery Package is best for you.