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About Jo 


My ‘about me’ could simply read ‘seeing people connect gives me goosebumps’. Whether that be a connection to inner peace, their bodies, one another, their creativity, nature or just the idea of a universe filled with an infinite number of possible connections. This is what drives me. I believe the key to this is listening. 

Listening to our environment

Listening to each other

Listening to sounds

Listening to our bodies

Listening to our bodies in movement

In my past corporate life I was always the one to notice the things unspoken and the rhythm of a project or brand. Always the one asked to help turn brands or teams turn corners or find new paths. I was really bad at listening to my own body and subtle rhythms and desires though. I got there through a long and rich personal journey.  This takes a dollop of courage but the real ingredient is listening.

It is important to know that when choosing someone to work with you know that they have tread a similar path. That they have made the journey. I have made and continue to make these journeys. We walk together. 

I believe the work I do is an utter privilege and you will find me holding space as any compassionate human being would do; with tender love, deep respect, non-judgmental and with a good dose of humour when appropriate.

I am also an artist and writer. I see these as part of my rich journey in grounded spirituality.

If any of this resonates I would dearly love to hear from you and look forward to working with you.

Book in for a phone consultation here. The sound of someones voice can be a good true north when choosing to work with someone. Or visit the events page here to try a group session before one to one work.

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