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What is Embodiment?

It is often said that how we walk through a room is how we walk through life. I believe that to be true. Our history is in our bodies as well as being the way we are right now. Our body holds much information. It is the context in which we perceive and relate to the world - as life.


We can't be disembodied but we can live in a non embodied way. Many things help drive this detachment: our pace of life, pressures, and our obsession with the digital realm to name but a few. 


Embodiment does include our mind but often we let our mind define us and make choices about how we move through life.

I believe by living in an embodied way we can drive social change that also help us connect to our greater body - the environment. It is a beautiful journey of which I know both the struggles and both the huge, huge treasures.

Applied consciously to business planning this is a tool to do your business, your way AND make the progress you want to see.

What does an Embodiment Business Facilitation session look like?

Working with me on Embodiment Facilitation brings both awareness and choice to your patterns of being. We can go down a classic coaching route in which I will bring in my 20+ years of coaching, mentoring and business management experience. 

I offer a set program for this currently. This is comprised of 4 x 90 minute sessions with access to me in-between.

Phase 1 - Get Curious. Together we get curious about what lights you up about your business, where you need to be and importantly the FELT sense for how you are embodying your skills and talents in your business.

Phase 2 - Act it out. We Use a variety of embodied tools to dig deeper. What does it feel like in your body to move through the world as your business taking up more space, embodying more rest. From here we then build the path for you.

Phase 3 - Plan. We plan your business your way. Your goals, your measures, your next steps.

Phase 4 - Action and Review. I am on hand to review your actions and review this with you, again using a variety of Somatic and Embodied Tools.

Get ready to start living and breathing in your business. The way you are meant to.

Ready to chat?  Book in for a consultation here.

The total cost for this investment is £400 and is payable in up to 4 installments.

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