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Body of Wisdom

A Spiritual Healing Journey Back Home for Womxn Who Wish to Deepen Their Relationship with their Body

Please email your interest in this up and coming course








Hello. I am glad you have found this page. 

Body of Wisdom is an week, online, community and individual healing journey for womxn that I can't wait to share.


Threaded through this is Somatic Healing, Sister Wound Healing, Ancestoral Healing and so much more.


It will be a small group and I can't wait to welcome you.


Please read on and email me for a  heart to heart to see if this is right for you.


Are you ready to break free from negative talk towards your body, listen to the bodies innate wisdom and be seen?

Do any of these words resonate with you?


Ever caught yourself talking about your body in a negative way?


Do you wish to deepen your body beyond what you see?


Ever entered into any spiritual practices and ended up feeling there was something missing?


Has your attitude to your body ever stopped you being visible on Social Media, making presentations, even going to a party?


Have you ever used a sense of control on your body to deal with a deeper sense of fear?


Does body confidence feel a little ‘hollow’ to you?


Do you wish to decode your language around your body?


Do you compare yourself through the lense of body image to other womxn?


Do you wish to deepen your conversations with other women beyond conversations about how you look?


All of this can impact on your feelings of self-worth and it can feel lonely. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Somewhere you may sense this isn’t just you. It’s collective. It’s generational. Do you wish to stop the cycle?


Are you ready to listen to your body’s wisdom?


Do you wish to taste the sacredness of life through your body’s senses?



What if I told you that you could?



What if I told you the truth of outer beauty really is inner beauty?


What if I told you that comparison of others is a wound you can heal within– you know this one already I suspect.


What if I told you that within you are the same rivers of purity and mountains of strength seen in the most breath taking scenes in the world?


How would it feel to you to fully drop into your own innate wisdom in your body? You can.


What if I told you that it’s possible to stop trying so hard to conform to body confidence and actually BE body confidence.


Your body is beyond confident. It simply is. 

And it simply is you. 

You as life. 

Waiting for you to listen.

You as your birth right and as your birth right it’s actually your spiritual home.


I don’t know about you but I think the world would be a better place with more, already kick ass womxn, being seen and heard more. Currently body image prevents this for many.


And what I know to be true. What I would state my pension on is that when one woman allows herself to do this her light goes on. 

And the light of many womxn around her go on at the same time.


I teach you nothing. You are empowered to listen to your own body. Your truth.


As you read this can you feel somewhere in your body your light shining brighter? If so then move with this.



What do I know about this stuff?

Since as long as I remember I have been acutely aware of the intersection between our spiritual journey and humanness. This edge of being alive as living breathing beings to fully experience this mystery of life. 


For a long time I tried to intellectualise this. In part I hadn’t matured into my own path and in large part because I wasn’t at home in my body. And when I say I wasn't at home in my body – for a long time I was checking out anywhere. I was diagnosed with Bulimia at age 16 and whilst I fully recovered the emotional scars lasted longer. 


I tried all the tricks for years; brash body confidence – hiding the truth of incredible body hatred. Pendulating between huge control and lack of kind discipline – all the time never once listening to my body. Checking out of any relationship or positive identity with my body in the pursuit of hiding in relationships, work identity, saviour of others and so much more.

I have learnt the pitfalls of this journey and hold those as lightly and tenderly as the wins along the way.


Fast forward to the age of 44 -  I have learnt to navigate all of this. Never pushing it away – this is resistance. But being vulnerable with all of it. Being open to be with it. And importantly cultivating an inner compass, inner kindness and radical compassion. 


The majority of this journey has come together through trauma resolution, intimacy with life, a grounded approach to spirituality through the body and the spotting of conditioned thinking.


Now as a Somatic Healer, Embodiment Coach and Facilitator it is my great privilege to bring together this 12 week journey for womxn.


I have absolute goose bumps as I write these words. Will you join me dear sister?



What We Will Cover?


Building sustainable body love and acceptance

Uncovering the stories we have told ourselves

Embodied Activation

Spiritual Inquiry

Much more

The group work will be done via zoom as well as worksheets. Individual healing sessions will also be offered via zoom.



Did I mention the Goosebumps?


This body of work is like brushing my teeth to me. I live it and breathe it. Day in. Day out. All the lights and shades of it.


When I say this is a privilege it only partly covers the full body sensations I have at the very thought of the womxn that could come together on this journey. 


I know fully my intention in going into this and I know of the power of this type of healing as a group. What I don’t know is the exact journey we will take. 


This is a map and we will build the territory through what each of you bring.


You will be heard.


As will your bodies.

I can't wait to share this with you!

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